Press and reviews

Dame Emma Kirkby:

“Congratulations to Jubilate for the Bach B Minor Mass, in which I had the honour to sing. How heartening and inspiring to see a full choir with a good spread of ages and vocal ranges, unfazed by this huge and demanding piece, and able to enter into every nuance of the work with healthy yet subtle sound. By the end you were all as fresh as at the start! Thanks to all for a great evening!”

Professor Ian Tracey, President of Jubilate Chamber Choir and Organist Titulaire at Liverpool Cathedral:

“It gives me real pleasure to add the Jubilate Chamber Choir to my list of patronages.”

“Jubilate are really fabulous – lovely mellifluous tone, all very technically proficient and most musical – a joy to accompany.”

Stuart Muir, Director of Music, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee:

“Here is a choir that quite obviously enjoy singing together. They perform with passion and panache; with sensitivity and sparkle, engaging their audience in every note, leaving them wanting more and more.”

Mark Lee, Director of Music, Bristol Cathedral:

“I very much enjoyed the opportunity of working with the Jubilate Chamber Choir and found them to be a quality ensemble in good heart, taking on challenging repertoire with panache and precision. I look forward to hearing them again very soon.”